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THE ACT ITSELF Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 2014

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The Act Itself is a new erotica publication featuring exciting short fiction, breathtaking artwork, and informative articles from the world of adult entertainment. Your hostess is known simply as ‘The Mrs.’ and she works tirelessly to present the very best – all smiles, sighs, and the occasional titter.

We will be publishing three times a year – toward the ends of April, August and December, promising 150 pages of goodness in each issue. The Act Itself will be available via subscription, through order via our publisher, BearManor Media, Amazon, and elsewhere (we’ll keep you posted!). Digital and audio options are being examined.

Lisa Kopel  •  Amanda Roberts  •  Vanessa Smythe  •  
Unknown  •  Michael M. Jones  •  Donnie Magazino  •  
Michael M. Jones  •  Serena  •  Jill C. Nelson  •  Seka  •  
John Holmes  •  Joseph Giblin  •  Jeffrey Fletcher  •  
Lilah Rose  •  Michiru

Insightful and entertaining, "The Act Itself," the new erotica magazine publication by publisher BearManor Media is an enlightening inside look at the taboo world of sexual fantasy, with a range of contributors including classic erotic film stars, adult biographers, and many surprises.
- Jill C. Nelson, author of Golden Goddesses

"This glossy backed magazine showcases the perfect combination of skilfully penned words and evocative imagery, making it the discerning choice for all lovers of the world of erotica whether erotic authors or fans. In my opinion The Act Itself represents fantastic value for anyone looking for a publication devoted entirely to the stimulating world of erotica."
- Cara Sutra

“It’s been too long since we’ve seen a publication about sex that engages our brain as well as parts further south. The Act Itself, BareManor Media’s rich, new compendium of erotic fiction, sexuality-related essays, contemporary fine-art photography, reprints of sexy classics and vintage images to go with them, as well as hot poetry and seductive artwork ranging from contemporary illustrations to Shunga prints, pushes the buttons on all floors.

For 150 pages it entertains and informs us with everything from first-person narratives of sexual adventuring to recollections of stars from the golden age of cinematic porn. Though resolutely soft-core in its graphic approach, it’s anything but tame, as contributors expose their inner fantasies, recount their titillating adventures and share thoughtful commentary on sex-positive culture.

At last, a magazine about sex that leaves the reader feeling aroused without having to drop a few IQ points to appreciate it. There’s something for everyone here and you shouldn’t miss a single issue. I know I won’t.”
- Ira Levine

“I found this magazine to be interesting in its diversity of topics covered.”
- Geeky Nymph

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